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Mar 2

Exterior Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

The outside of a house is not something most people think about too often. It’s usually the last thing on our minds when we are busy with work and family life. Unfortunately, this can be a costly mistake. Just as you take care of your skin from the inside out by washing your face every day and moisturizing to prevent wrinkles, you should also take care of your home from the outside in by maintaining its exterior with regular cleaning that includes power washing or pressure cleaning once per year to remove dirt buildup from years past which could have been prevented if cleaned more frequently.

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Don’t use bleach to clean your siding

Cleaning exterior surfaces like siding, doors, and windows can be a daunting task for homeowners. But if you make the mistake of using bleach to clean them, you could find yourself dealing with more than just dirt or mildew stains! Bleach is very strong and should not be used on any surface that may come into contact with food. That means no mixing it up in your water hose to wash down your deck or patio furniture. It’s also wise to avoid using this chemical on any material that may touch your skin – it will burn! And don’t use bleach as an all-purpose cleaner either – it will ruin most other substances around the house by breaking down their molecules. Chlorine gas is produced when bleach breaks down so wear protective gear to avoid breathing it in.

Don’t scrub the brick with a wire brush – this will cause it to deteriorate and flake off


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Mistakes like scrubbing the brick with a wire brush will cause deterioration and flaking off of the surface. It’s not just exterior surfaces that need attention though, if you have wood siding or paneling around your home then you should be careful too because scrubbing can lead to peeling paint or stains if done incorrectly.

Instead of using harsh chemicals on the bricks, use a soft cloth moistened with water. For other exterior surfaces such as wood panels or vinyl sidings which are likely to peel after being scrubbed hard, use mineral spirits instead for more gentle cleaning without leaving behind damaging residue.

Use a hose nozzle or sprayer to clean the roof, not just water from the tap

Everyone knows that exterior house cleaning is important to maintaining a healthy, safe living environment. But not everyone knows the mistakes people make when they’re doing it. The most common mistake? Use water from the tap instead of a hose nozzle or sprayer to clean the roof. This method simply doesn’t work and can even damage your home’s shingles, because there are no detergents in tap water to help break down grime and dirt on shingle surfaces. As you might imagine, this introduces all sorts of bacteria into your attic space where you live! So beware: if you want a great-looking roofline without worrying about getting sick from dirty gutters, use a hose nozzle or sprayer for exterior house cleaning – not just water from the tap.

Use a cleaning solution (with bleach if needed) to clean windows, screens, and siding

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Another common exterior house cleaning mistake is neglecting to use a proper cleaning agent when wiping down windows, siding, and exterior screens. That means no plain old water here – you need something that will cut through dirt and grime so your surfaces shine. For regular jobs where you just want to remove loose dirt from your home’s siding without killing grass or plants around it, you can use plain vinegar. But for tougher jobs involving heavy staining or soap scum buildup on glass or fiberglass screens, you’ll need to go with one part of unscented liquid chlorine bleach diluted in nine parts water. And don’t ever use bleach on painted surfaces, since it will eat away at the paint’s protective coat.

Use a mop with a scrubber to clean concrete driveways and sidewalks

Use a typical mop or rag on a dirty concrete driveway or sidewalk! Avoid this by using a mop with an attached scrubber that can dig into those grime-filled cracks and crevices in your driveway or sidewalk. And whenever you do this, wear gloves to keep chemicals from getting onto your skin – as well as sturdy clogs (no open-toed shoes), since broken glass tends to be something people step on more often than you’d think. Wear long pants and sleeves for extra protection, too. Otherwise, you’ll end up with cuts all over your legs and arms, which can get infected if you don’t keep them clean!

Clean gutters at least twice per year (more often in rainy seasons) 

Most people don’t think much about their gutters, but they should. A gutter system is a major component of any home and its condition has a significant impact on the overall performance of your house. The advantage to having clean gutters is that it prevents water from collecting in the seams where concrete meets metal or vinyl siding, which can cause damage to those materials as well as mold growth inside your home. In addition, if you have an attached garage with an overhead door, dirty gutters can block airflow from entering through the roof venting system and make it difficult for cars parked in your garage to breathe properly. Finally, even though most people only notice them when there’s a problem with too much rainwater pooling inside them, gutters also catch a lot of dirt and debris before it enters the storm drain system. Clean gutters at least twice per year (more often in rainy seasons) is one of the most important points to remember when you want to avoid mold growth on your property and inside your home. If you fail to keep gutters clean, all that stuff can end up collecting on roofs where it’s slippery and dangerous for anyone walking around the property.

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Keep trees trimmed so they don’t block sunlight from reaching your house

There are a lot of things that can affect the condition and health of your trees. Some people might not think so, but it is important to take care of them because they have a huge impact on your property. For example, if you don’t keep them trimmed then their branches will block sunlight from reaching your house. This could lead to increased energy costs for heating or cooling as well as decreased property value from an unattractive home exterior. The good news is that there are many ways that you can maintain healthy trees without spending too much money.

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